Bevel Is a 3D Camera for Any Smartphone


Bevel is a device with a simple attachment that will give your Android or iOS device 3D photography capabilities.

It works simple – This is a small gadget that attaches to your phone using the 3.5mm audio jack, and comes with a 3D camera. It doesn’t just create the illusion of depth, but actually takes 3D images which, the Bevel creators claim, can also be used for 3D printing.

You just need to plug the Bevel into a phone to use it, and then take a picture using the companion app. You can pan around an image to create a proper 3D image which uses a laser sight in the Bevel attachment to measure the distance between the camera and the objects being scanned, so that it can create a full depth map. The resulting image looks 3D and it comes with actual depth information, which is very important for 3D modelling and augmented reality applications. The files are shareable and the Bevel itself is charged using a Micro-USB port.

See how it works in the video below:

The project already has crossed $100,000 (approximately Rs. 64 lakh) against a target of $200,000 (approximately Rs. 1.28 crore).
You can get a Bevel for $49 (just over Rs. 3,000), for which you’ll get a Bevel, a charging cable, and a calibration card.
That is not a huge price for this device, but it’s questionable how useful something like this will be over time. Also, you can find apps that already show you how to make stereogram 3D images which you can take with any phone.

Free apps like Phogy for Android, and Seene for iOS let you use your built in cameras to take 3D images. The difference is of course that the quality of the images taken and the depth you can generate is not really comparable, and if you really enjoy the 3D images, then the Bevel is the way to go.

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