Google Hangouts for Android finally adds support for video messages


Google has updated its Hangouts messaging app for Android with the ability to record and send videos.The Hangouts for iOS update also brought other things, such as the ability to boot others from group Hangouts, and this Android update also brings that feature.Hangouts for iOS has had this for what seems like an eternity is honestly most of the reason this is news. Video messaging is a neat feature, sure, but it’s hardly going to turn Hangouts into a messaging juggernaut overnight, and it really doesn’t even solve any of the actual problems with the service or app itself.


The latest version isn’t yet on Google Play and doesn’t include support for playing video right within the conversation; you’ll need a separate app to view the clip. Hopefully that will be resolved by the time Google pushes it to its app store or in a subsequent release.
On its support page, Google has reasoned this change by saying, “Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it, because it caused user confusion and had low usage.” However, the users will not lose any of the messages sent and can see them right there in Hangouts, the page says.

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