Google Maps,now gets Andriod update with Calendar integration

Google Maps application for Andriod bringing Google Calendar to the app, this company says will ‘make it even easier to get where you need to go’. Users can quickly access events directly from map now.


Google Maps for Android has a new Upcoming Tab that shows all places that the user need to go in the future, and can navigate its route for the same.

Google Maps will now show future events and reservations in the new Upcoming Tab. The Tab can be found inside the menu, in the ‘Your Place’ section. The upcoming Tab will show all the events that are fed into your Calendar app. It will also possible to see your friends inside the Google Maps. Instead of having to search a friend or colleagues address into the seach bar, you can get directions just by clicking on their name.


To manage all the personal content on Google Maps, a user can use the new ┬ápersonal content manager in the settings tab in th side menu. The Maps now also allows you to stickers to your Home,work, and Other destinations for visual pleasure. Labels can also be created for frequently visited places, as those destinations will shows up in search through their label name as well. This updates has only rolled out to Andriod users. Google Maps for Andriod recently also got the ‘OK Google’ command activation, allowing users to begin navigation without touching the smartphone.

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