Google Phone app to Nexus and Andriod one user for spam protection


Google added a new app for spam protection ‘Google Phone app’ to Nexus and Andriod one users. Google Search, making it easier to find the place you want to call as well as adding in caller ID info automatically. Now, the Google Phone is getting some nice spam call handling features as well.

Google has announced that there is an update rolling out now for its Phone app which will add some spam protection. With the update, the Google dialer will show a red splash screen on a call that is suspected to be spam. Additionally, you’ll be able to go into your call history and flag specific calls as spam, if Google doesn’t happen to catch it, and report those numbers to Google and block that number in the future. Google notes that you do need to have the Caller ID feature turned on in order to get the spam protection.


Google has likely been able to glean what numbers are spam based on Google Voice voicemail messages that its systems have tried to transcribe over the years. Google says the app is for Andriod and Nexus users there are some to claim that the Google Phone app can be installed on non-Nexus devices.

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