Samsung new headphones Level Active ‘people on the move’

Samsung has launched new headphones Level Active ‘people on the move’. The headphone aimed to the people who active in sports, exercise and other outdoor activities.

The earhooks wrap over the entire ear and securing the headphones firmly in place. The wingtips that come in two sizes perfectly match the shape of the user’s ears for a secure fit. Additionally, the in-ear eartips also come in three different sizes, not only providing a comfortable fit but also preventing distractions from outside noise.


Once the headset is connected to the phone. The user can set up the features and notifications quickly. From the home screen, the app shows Notifications, Active key, User manual and More, along with volume control and battery. The notifications menu lets the users to control alerts and messages from their phones while wearing the headphone.The active key functions is where users control how their headphones in the moniter.


The functionality and customisability out of the headphone will be available in the latest version of Samsung Level app. The user can choose the notifications that receive when the smartphone is connected to the headset during their workout.


Charging the headphone is straightforward with a microUSB connector located in the left headphone, just lifts off the back cover on the phone and revealing the connector slot.Samsung’s Level Active headphone launched in August 19th friday in Us and it will soon coming to Europe, China, Russia, Turkey, Korea and other countries on their company website.

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