‘Pokemon Go’ global rollout temporarily paused due to ‘server issues’


The global rollout of Pokemon GO has been halted. Even as the world is obsessing over the new Pokemon Go augmented reality app, Niantic Labs, which co-created the game with Nintendo, has made a heartbreaking announcement for the fans. The international roll-out of the AR-based mobile game has been temporarily suspended after the Niantic servers suffered glitches due to an overwhelming response.

Pokemon Go

The temporary suspension of the roll-out is intended to give the app developers some time to add capacity to the servers.After an initial release in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, developer Niantic Labs hit its first speedbump when the new smartphone game it the US. Users there have reported problems signing up, and playing, as perspective Pokemon Masters flocked to try out the hot new trend. Niantic tweeted saying they’re adding more servers for the game, following which the game will then release in more countries worldwide.

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